Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

Question: What is a Domain Name?
Answer: A domain name is your address on the world wide web. For example is our domain name.

Q: Why do I need Web Hosting?
A: Web Hosting provides storage for your website and all of its files, without it your site couldn’t exist on the web.

Q: How long has Trucking Webs been around?
A: Trucking Webs has been helping trucking industry professionals bring their businesses online since 2009.

Customer Questions

Q: I need to make changes to my website, how do I go about that?
A: Complete our Website Update Form located here. Whether its a simple text edit, new design idea, adding pictures, etc. we’re here to provide support. Don’t be shy, you can make as many changes as needed and there will never be any up-charge or fees.

E-mail Questions

Q: How do I set up my website’s e-mail address(es)?
A: After you have chosen your domain name and the website is live on the web we will assist you in setting up your e-mail address(es).

Q: I’m having trouble sending and/or receiving e-mail!
A: This may be due to server downtime, server maintenance or an incorrect setting in your email program. If the problem still persists after 15 minutes please contact us. Be sure to explain the problem in as much detail as possible.

Q: What are my options for accessing my e-mail?
Option 1: Webmail – After your email address is generated you will be provided with a link that requires you to login to view or send email.
♦ Option 2: Email ClientPrograms such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird offer a multitude of additional benefits such as better security and encryption, more spam control as well as the ability to read your email even when offline which is important. This is our recommended option.

Q: How do I get Outlook or Thunderbird?
Microsoft Outlook – If you are using a PC with Microsoft Office chances are you already have a version of it available for use. Otherwise you may have to purchase it at
Mozilla Thunderbird – You can download Mozilla Thunderbird for FREE at

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